TAG Farnborough Airport

Brief: To promote the advantages to business aviation customers of using Farnborough airport. These are primarily its proximity to London, a new luxury hotel beside the airfield, and a streamlined personal service that allows customers to pass through the airport with a minimum of fuss and delay. TAG Farnborough Airport needed a video that could be used in a variety of circumstances, but particularly at exhibitions.

Solution: I and my colleagues at production company Now Watch It proposed that we film a simple scenario to get the important points across. It was agreed with the client that, because of the requirement to use the video at exhibitions, the picture alone had to tell the story, without the help of narration. Apart from this, the most important factor in the execution was that the film had to look stylish and sophisticated, in keeping with the airport itself.

My role: Director, editor

Comments: Every now and then a job requires you to treat each shot as a work of art: something that you see in movies, and in commercials. This was one such job, where the story was relatively simple to tell, but it had to be told with style and beauty. The terminal building, the hotel, the main hangar, even the control tower, all encouraged this approach.

We weren’t the only people who were attracted by the aesthetics of the location. We had to postpone our shoot dates because TAG received a request to use it by the producers of Quantum of Solace, the 22nd Bond movie. By an amazing coincidence I found out about this before our client, because an old friend of mine was the cinematographer on Quantum of Solace! (In fact, his work features in my portfolio: I was lucky enough to be able to use him as the cameraman on my Miami programme for British Airways.)