IRIS SharpOWL Professional Services Automation Software

Agency: Ignition Marketing Group

Brief: The agency had an idea for a simple video to explain the benefits of a PSA (Professional Services Automation) application called SharpOWL. They needed someone to make it for them with the minimum of fuss, and cost.

Solution: I worked with Ignition on the script, devising a way that an actor in a scenario could manage to put across the necessary selling points of the product without having to resort to a separate voice-over. Not only did this save the cost of a voice-over artiste and recording studio, it also solved the problem of having to create scenes over which the voice-over could run. All was shot in a day at the agency’s offices.

My role: Producer, director, editor

Comments: This was a great little job to do. The agency already had the idea, and were very receptive to my input on the script. I organized a little casting session for us to agree on the actor. I’d worked with Paul Ridley before, and he is such an easy actor to work with: he’s convincing, and he learns his lines (particularly important on this job, which is virtually a monologue). I pulled in one my favourite cameramen for the day; and that was it. We shot it, I edited it, the client loved it.