SELEX Galileo Network-Enabled Homeland Security

Brief: Homeland security is a rapidly-growing market, and international defence companies are keen to apply their technology and expertise to this area. SELEX Galileo, the electronics division of Finmeccanica, the large Italian aerospace, defence, and security company, are no exception, and needed a video that showcased their security systems, and particularly their overarching capability to integrate them into a network.

Solution: Security and defence products and systems are notoriously difficult to promote without considering the solutions they provide to possible events. So very often the ideal vehicle to communicate the selling proposition is to show a scenario. SELEX fully understood this, and bought into the idea of filming a full-on dramatized story.

My role: Director

Comments: Despite the location filming we managed to deliver this project for a very reasonable cost. The exterior location was Kelvedon Hatch, in Essex; the interior, control room scene, was at the client’s offices. The film crew was just a cameraman and assistant, and a sound recordist. Actors were used for the control room, but all the characters in the exteriors were a mixture of client staff, friends, and real soldiers. We had one day to shoot the exteriors, and one day for the control room. It needed very careful planning to manage all the resources with a small production crew, and we had very little time for each scene. But there was a great feeling of achievement at the end of the second day’s filming, and I don’t think any of the corner-cutting shows in the end product.