Piaggio London Challenge

Agency: Focus PR

Brief: The Department for Transport regularly surveys journey times in London by different means of transport. The results indicate that, as a rule, a bicycle is the quickest method for shorter journeys, though the testers assume that powered two-wheelers, not included in the surveys, would be even quicker. The PR agency for Piaggio, the Italian motor scooter manufacturer, wanted to test this assumption, and to show the result of this test in an entertaining and memorable way.

Solution: I was approached by a fellow director to help him make a short video for the agency (whom he knew personally). We hired travel journalist Marcel Theroux (Louis’ brother, Paul’s son) to conduct the test, alternately cycling and scootering from his home in Notting Hill to a restaurant in the City.

My role: Producer, co-director, editor

Comments: The biggest challenge of this job was filming Marcel in action. Fortunately my first vehicle was a motor scooter, so I felt at home driving one alongside Marcel, while the cameraman very trustingly rode on the pillion behind me. Today, when a health and safety officer gets uncomfortable when I stand on a chair, I think about this ride.