Goodrich : Make it in Great Britain

Brief: Goodrich took part in an exhibition to promote British manufacturing, held at the Science Museum in London.  They needed a video for their stand that showcased their manufacturing capability in the UK.  Unfortunately this couldn’t use an audio track, because of restrictions imposed by the exhibition organizers, but a version of the video, with sound, was made available on the exhibition website.

Solution: Given the subject of the exhibition we needed to use footage of Goodrich’s manufacturing activity in the UK; and we wanted to include some sound bites from employees — though these were confined to the website version of the programme, with sound.

There was a minimal budget available for the video, but I have done a lot of work in the past for Goodrich, through production company Now Watch It, and we hold a useful archive of footage shot for previous jobs.  And happily I had filmed interviews with some of the company’s engineers just a few weeks previously, from which I was able to incorporate one or two comments.

My role: Producer, director, editor

Comments: This was largely an editing exercise; but what an enjoyable one!  Sometimes it’s quite satisfying to take a bunch of existing material and to carefully trawl through it to select the most relevant shots, then edit them together  into a visually interesting sequence.  At least it is when you have footage that is not confined to people in meetings and sitting at computer screens: which unfortunately seems to represent the major activity of many working people.  Fortunately manufacturing offers much more in the way of excitement!