Chewton Glen Hotel & Spa

Brief: The client, impressed by the series of films that we had made for Cunard, wanted a glossy promotional video for their luxury New Forest hotel, Chewton Glen, to distribute to high-end travel agents.

Solution: We already had the team that had made Cunard videos: myself. writer/director Justin Cartwright, and lighting cameraman Michael Miles.  We applied the same formula to make this programme, with the main difference that we only used the one actress, in the role of a journalist whose editor had tasked with finding the “best hotel in Europe for a leisure break”.  The hotel had to meet a long list of criteria, last but not least of which was that “the birds must be singing”.

My role: Producer, editor

Comments: Chewton Glen was not a difficult subject to do justice to!  The grounds and buildings are exquisite, the staff and management a pleasure to work with.  And we were blessed with glorious weather: never a given when shooting in the UK!  Thanks should go to Andrea Spiegel, ex-Cunard PR manager, who introduced Justin and myself to the hotel management, and functioned as executive producer.