Cable & Wireless : Global Advantage

Brief: Cable & Wireless were one of the leading players in the establishment of a global digital telecommunications network.  They wanted a video that explained to international corporate clients their preeminence in this field.

Solution: This film needed to show a truly global network.  A number of Cable & Wireless’s major transnational clients — Compaq, BMW, Reuters — were involved, illustrating the capability that the company offered to streamline global communications, and facilitate global projects.  And to do this realistically there was no escaping the fact that it had to be filmed in a number of world cities.

My role: Director

Comments: Once in a while a job comes along that is all icing and no cake.  And this was one of them.  I was asked by production company Remvision to direct several of the sequences that were destined for the finished programme: specifically in London, Munich, Hong Kong, and Sydney.  So my involvement in the project was less that it normally would be: no producing, no writing, no editing.  But lots of catching up with movies in flight!

Because I cannot claim authorship of the finished programme, the clip shown here is my own edit of some of the shots from the four locations for which I was responsible.

Music: Jazzy Eve Of Heavy Seas by Wired Ant
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