BT Global Expansion

Agency: PAI

Brief: To make a video that could be used by British Telecom to promote their relocation service worldwide. (This is a service that helps overseas companies set up operations in the UK.)

Solution: A glossy film, that needed to sell the service, but also the benefits of doing business in Britain.

My role: Producer, writer, editor

Comments: I had a regular working relationship at the time with a director/cameraman called Dave Amphlett, who was approached by another cameraman who had been asked by PAI… it was that sort of deal. I took the project on as producer, with Dave directing, and ended up writing the voice-over script and editing it too. Notable for being shot on film.

Dave’s and my claim to fame as a team was to make no less than eight pop promos for the group Steps, as well as Westlife’s very first as a brand new band. That brought us into contact with a certain Simon Cowell – but that’s a whole other story.