BAE Systems Exhibition Training

Brief: BAE Systems’ primary marketing channel is exhibitions. For many years my colleagues at Now Watch It devised and conducted training courses for the employees who man the stands. (I created an online, distance learning version as well.) They wanted to add a new dimension to the programme, to illustrate the common errors committed by untrained personnel.

Solution: A series of humorous how-not-to-do-it videos, filmed in a studio (my favourite studio in fact – contact me for details). We made two series: one against black, the second blue screen, which allowed us to add an abstract, exhibition-flavour background.

My role: Director

Comments: It is satisfying every now and then to direct ‘drama’ – in other words, actors with a script. It gives you the opportunity to control every aspect of the end product, whereas recording actuality you obviously have to work with many elements over which you have no control. Both ways have their challenges; and their rewards.