BAE Systems Touch Table

Brief: This was an example of wanting to demonstrate the use of the latest audio-visual technology, in order to reflect BAE Systems’ own use of advanced technologies. We created this presentation for use on a ‘touch-table’, a display device like a large iPad, before iPads and the like made the concept of controlling an interface by touching a screen familiar.

Solution: Though touch-tables and touch-walls lend themselves to displays that viewers can operate themselves, in this case the requirement was to make a verbal presentation to groups of VIPs (such as David Cameron – see clip). The presenter (selected and trained by Now Watch It) used the touch-table as an intriguing way to show imagery in support of what he was saying.

My role: Director, graphic and interactive design

Comments: It’s probably fair to say that the hardware at this stage in its development was a ‘beta’ release, and exhibited rather more bugs than would normally be acceptable for a unit to be used for public exhibition. But all agreed in this case, since it wasn’t an issue of personal safety, the risk of breakdown was worth taking given the potential reward of novelty. Within a year or so, touch screen technology had moved into a different league (see the Hawk Interactive, programmed by the same people I worked with on this).