BAE Systems Business Winning Machine

Brief:  The head of Group Business Development was to address his annual conference about future prospects. I created his PowerPoint presentation (as I have many others for him and his team), including several embedded videos. This one was to illustrate the idea of a ‘business winning machine’.

Solution: It needed to be something quick and easy to execute – it was just one video within the presentation. But it also had to act as a bit of a wake-up call amidst a fair amount of chat. The client had the idea to illustrate ‘machine’ with line art or stock images. I thought that a much more dynamic approach would be to use a more abstract, futuristic interpretation. I found a commercially available template for After Effects (a motion graphics application), and gave it, together with my edit of the live action footage, to a top After Effects jockey to assemble it.

My role: Director, editor

Comments: The event was lifted by this sophisticated, high impact little video for very little effort.