BAE Systems Insyte

Brief: A BAE Systems business, Integrated System Technologies, moved into new headquarters in Frimley, where they installed a very stylish, ultra-modern presentation suite. Here they would show potential clients how their technologies work to measure and control the battle space. They wanted a spectacular multi-screen introduction to set the scene for visitors.

Solution: The idea for the programme was to be relatively abstract, drawing parallels between the complexity of nature and the complexity of defence and security operations. The presentation suite had a ten-metre wide five-screen array of screens, on which the main programme, shown in the clip, was back projected. But there were also 15 more screens of various sizes around the room, and video that supported the main programme was shown, in sync, across all these. The room was put into complete darkness before the programme started.

The images were a mixture of video library clips of nature, original footage that we filmed, and company archive material. The pictures were accompanied by surround sound audio, featuring specially-commissioned music.

My role: Director

Comments: This was a wonderful project to direct: filming the original hi-def footage, working with one of the country’s best editor / motion graphics designers, planning how the images would work on 20 screens, and supervising the programming of the video servers. When we had finished the edit of the main programme, which because if its nature had to be more or less in a finished state before it could be presented, I showed it to the clients in the edit suite (we had to hire in three 27″ Apple Cinema Displays, one of the largest computer monitors available) I’ll never forget the reaction of the most senior person. After a silence that seemed to last an hour, he just said “That was absolutely fantastic!”. We didn’t have to change a single shot.