BAE Systems Innovation Theatre

Brief: For the major exhibitions in which BAE Systems takes part, we always try to employ the latest display technology, to stand out from the crowd. For the latest Farnborough International Air Show we needed to create a spectacular presentation to showcase some of the innovations being developed by the company. And we had to incorporate presenters to provide a live commentary.

Solution: A fully-enclosed theatre space was built, to exclude light and sound from the exhibition floor, and we projected very high definition computer-generated images (plus a bit of live action) onto a five metre wide transparent film, creating the effect of the images floating in space, and the illusion of 3D without requiring the audience to wear 3D glasses. The presenters stood behind the film, from where they could interact with the images. A surround sound audio track added to the impact.

My role: Director

Comments: Choreographing the projected images to create the 3D illusion was a major challenge, particularly since it was impossible to test properly how it would look before the theatre was built. In the event it was hugely successful, and our efforts were recognized with a BAE Systems Chairman’s Award (normally given only to company employees). To be frank the impact of the installation is largely lost in this clip, filmed from in front of the stage, but it was such a major production that I wanted to include it. Credit to Paradigm AV, who performed a sterling service in supplying the projection equipment and screen, and constructing the rig.