BAE Systems Hawk Interactive Presentation

Brief: To create an interactive presentation of the capabilities of the Hawk jet trainer aircraft. It needed to be as engaging (read animated) as possible, yet readily distributed and capable of being easily installed and played on a standard lap-top PC, as well as on large touch-screens at exhibitions.

Solution: I discussed the brief with an interactive programme developer, and we concluded that Flash was the most suitable technology. The application was relatively quick to develop (as opposed to building it using a lower-level programming language), reliable (once debugged), and capable of incorporating hi-def images and video. All of the animated content was created by a 3D animation specialist, with whom I work regularly.

My role: Producer, director, graphic and interactive design, editor (of video content)

Comments: This is a good example of working with and directing specialist ‘craft’ professionals, in this case a Flash developer and a 3D animator, to create a sophisticated piece of digital media.

The clip starts with a shot of the presentation in use at an exhibition, then shows a screen capture of a small part of it being run, as if driven by a presenter.
Music: Roma Pt.2 by greyguy

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