BAE Systems Hawk Advanced Jet Trainer

Brief: The client wanted to create a sense of theatre on their exhibition stand, while explaining the virtues of the Hawk Advanced Jet training system.

Solution: To create a mini-theatre, where visitors could sit and view a film that was shot and cut more like a movie than the average corporate video. It told the story of a pilot’s training, from his first day at ground school to flying a frontline fighter aircraft. The movie was back-projected onto a curved screen using three hi-def digital projectors, to create a single, seamless, ultra-wide picture. Below the main screen were three individual plasma screens on which supporting content in the way of images and text were shown. The sound track includes a specially commissioned music track, written to picture, and recorded in surround sound.

My role: Director, editor

Comments: If ever there was a good illustration of the value of getting out there and shooting some original material, this was it. The library of shots created from this job have been an invaluable source for other BAE Systems programmes ever since.
And if you think you vaguely recognize the slight Irish lilt of the voice-over artiste: it’s Terry Wogan’s son.