American Museum in Britain

Agency: The Diamond Conspiracy

Brief:  The only museum of American culture outside of the USA, The American Museum, near Bath, had ambitious expansion plans, for which they needed to raise funds from benefactors on both sides of the Atlantic. So they needed to explain who they were, and why they needed the money.

Solution: The agency felt a video was going to be the most effective way to tell the story, and contacted me to help. To convey the personality of the museum, I thought that interviews with the key people involved (including Winston Churchill’s daughter) should carry the narrative, with help from one of the trustees who acted as on-screen host and voice-over artiste.

My role: Producer, writer, director, camera, editor (I did use a separate cameraman for the interviews at the museum)

Comments: This production is fairly typical of a small job for a client that didn’t have much money, to whom I was able to provide a complete solution very cost-effectively. Result: a painless process for the agency, and a very happy client. And personally, the discovery of a jewel of a museum in a beautiful setting.