New jobs on my ‘Work” page

Just wanted to let you know that I’ve added a few more jobs to my online portfolio, including videos for corporate clients Cable & Wireless, Chewton Glen Hotel & Spa, Goodrich, and Singapore Airlines.

And I have finally edited some clips from three of my television documentaries. (Their titles on the grid of thumbnails all begin with ‘Documentary’, so they’re easy to find.)  There’s one on the North Sea, another on the fjords of Norway, and the third  is about porpoises. Because of the longer, more elaborate post-production process for long-form broadcast television programmes it’s always a lot more difficult getting hold of a copy of the end product.  And then when you do you have somehow to distill an hour of programme into three or four minutes.  This is a process that is much easier for someone who hasn’t actually made the programme, because they haven’t sweated and agonized over every shot.  You as the director feel that every single frame of the finished film is there for a good reason, and cutting most of it out feels like abandoning your children (OK, I might be exaggerating a teensy bit here).  Anyway it’s a difficult process, so I’m please to have done it at least for these three jobs.  These are the documentaries that I have co-directed, as opposed to others that I have written and/or produced.

Thanks for watching!

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