This website is a mess! Apologies. I am suffering from a serious case of cobbler’s  children syndrome. But if you can bear looking at what is, in effect, finished content in a draft layout, please wade in.


Preikestolen, Norway. It’s a vertical drop of 2000 feet to the fjord below. And I hate heights!

I create on-screen solutions for businesses that want to communicate messages with words and images.  And I direct the technical element of conferences and events.

My experience of producing visual communications includes video, animated presentations, and interactive programmes:  made for screens from televisions, computers, and mobile devices, to huge LED arrays and projection screens at exhibitions and events.  I have directed live events with a full panoply of players and technicians, media and AV gadgetry.

I can work with you to do any or all of these things creatively, reliably, and economically. I have the skills and experience to manage and creatively direct projects, regardless of scale.  But that’s not all.

Businesses often need smaller productions, that don’t need a team of people to create them:  for which, in fact, a team might be extravagant or counterproductive.  For those situations I have a set of personal skills that have proved the equal of many creative specialists.  I write and direct across all media, shoot and edit stills and video, and create presentations, linear or interactive, in several formats, including simple websites.  See ‘NEXT‘ for more on how I can be cost-effective; and ‘WORK‘ to see a selection of the programmes I have made (though the relative ease of showing them does mean that video and TV productions predominate).  I’ve explained exactly, and honestly, my contribution to each finished production.

PAST‘ offers a brief history of me: at least, the bits that are professionally relevant!  It’s there to show my business background – which helps me understand corporate language and issues.

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If you’d like to discuss a project, I’d be delighted to hear from you.  Probably the most convenient way is to fill in and send the form below.  If you would like me to call you, please be sure to include your phone number.

Otherwise you can:

  • Email me at mail_at_kevanpegley.com (substituting ‘_at_’ with ‘@’).
  • Call me on my mobile, 07962 434000.  The caveat here is that signal reception at my studio is pretty marginal.  If we can’t hear each other, text me your number, and I’ll call you back.
  • Send me a WhatsApp message (enter https://wa.me/447962434000 in your web browser).
  • Or if you have an Apple mobile device, send me an instant message to message_at_kevanpegley.com (substituting ‘_at_’ with ‘@’).